Environmental Liability Insurance

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What Is Environmental Liability Insurance?

Environmental Liability insurance (also known as pollution insurance) covers your business for loss or damages that result when pollution-related damages occur from unexpected releases of pollutants that are typically excluded in general liability and property insurance policies. This can include a discharge of pollutants brought to the worksite or a release of pre-existing pollutants at the site. These unexpected releases may be sudden or happen over a longer period of time.

A lot of businesses mistakenly think they are covered for pollution releases under their general liability and property policies. The reality is these policies either restrict or completely exclude such coverage leaving their policyholders exposed to potentially very costly risks.

The coverage provided by an Environmental Liability policy will depend on the nature of work your business is performing. We take the time to learn about your business and provide advice and policy options that cover your business in the event of unexpected environmental liability exposure.

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